Beagle Puppies

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In case you are not familiar with Stevens Family Farms or our YouTube channel. A brief introduction is necessary.

          We are a large family of eight who is striving to live a wholesome and conservative lifestyle while starting our own family farm in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas. We document our transition from city to country life on our YouTube channel with weekly episodes. The challenges we face during this transition include living off-grid, generating an income, and trying to gravitate more towards homesteading and self-sufficiency.
          One of our goals is to make an income off our land and to have as many financial resources as possible. When considering family pets for our children it became clear that we were going to have a working farm mentality where every animal has to contribute in some way. With that in mind, when the children wanted a dog, we decided to get two and try our hand at being breeders.

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We purchased our 1st AKC registered female puppy "Molly" as a family pet in June of 2017. We had no idea how much we would fall in love with her and how well she would adapt to growing up in a family with six children!

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A week later we got our 2nd AKC puppy "Mace" as a family pet and companion for Molly. They instantly became inseparable and are always up for joining in any activity the family is doing.

          The Beagles also serve other roles on the farm as warning dogs and varmint deterrents. When not being walked, or played with they stay in a 2,500 square foot rotational electric fence paddock. The fence ensures that no predators, specifically coyotes, can hurt the beagles while they get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.

          We take a holistic approach to raising all of our animals. Concerning our dogs and puppies, we try to avoid using a veterinarian unless absolutely necessary. We prefer to use a natural dewormer in the form of diatomaceous earth that the dogs are given regularly in small doses with their food. Also, we maintain natural tick and flea management in the form of essential oils applied to their coat monthly to keep pest problems to a minimum. We rotate the paddock that the dogs stay in to "fresh pasture" which ensure that they are not constantly in an area where pest are thriving due to a concentration of their own feces.


The puppies in this litter of 4 are all females. They will come with their AKC registration papers and up to date puppy shots.

Born: March 8th, 2018

Weaned: April 26th, 2018

Payment: We accept PayPal and cash if a delivery or pickup is arranged. We can also arrange nonrefundable deposits if you would like to hold a puppy for 10% of the purchase price.

Contact us: To reach us about a puppy or for any questions, in general, please go to the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page.