Farm Fresh Eggs

Chicken Eggs $3 per dozen
Duck Eggs $4 per dozen
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          On our farm, every animal has to contribute in some way, the Hen's do more than their fair share. Not only do they feed us and help our pastures but selling and trading their eggs has become very rewarding.
          Our Hens are a hybrid breed called the hy-line brown. They are a production brown egg layer that is the result of years of genetic research and breeding practices. We would not have sought this breed out on our own, we strive to be more sustainable with focuses on heritage and heirloom, but our farm is located in an area with a great deal of egg production houses. Once the hens are old enough to lay, they work at the production houses for approximately 14 months after which time they are typically culled.
          As part of God's creation, this is a relatively sad and short existence for such a beautiful, well-purposed, and rewarding animal. Although these egg houses do have more modern practices like giving the chickens free-range to explore outside on large green pastures, and giving them much more room than that of old conventional confinement operations. We still feel it's a shame that after 14 months, having so much life left in them, they are dispatched quickly after their production drops slightly due to age. 
          When we were offered some for free, during one such culling by our Mennonite neighbors, we gladly excepted. The idea of an instant large flock, of already laying hens, for FREE was very exciting! But even more so was the feeling of reward that we are giving these girls a second chance, an adoption if you will, to live a more full life with a family who appreciates them and children who garner so much from the experiences, responsibilities, and interactions that follow.
          Our Hen's are over 3 years old now and are still laying eggs at an astonishing rate! They are just as smart, energetic, vigorous and entertaining as the moment we brought them home. They would have been killed that day, but now they are a vital part of sustaining us on the farm and they give us a product that has great value. The incredible, edible EGG!

         Here is some information and practices that reflect our current standards for raising hens on the farm:

 - We rotate them on pasture as needed in a 2,500+ square foot electric fence paddock. This gives them great protection from the many wild critters of the Ozarks who would love to have an 8 piece to go.
 - They roost and lay in a small mobile "chick-shaw" that by design stays clean while keeping them dry, safe at night and protects them from bitter winter winds.
 - We feed a non-medicated conventional egg layer feed and give no conventional medications.*
          *We would much prefer an organic feed but it is very cost prohibitive at this point.
 - The hens have diatomaceous earth, oyster shell, granite grit, & wood ash free choice.
 - We have approx. 50 hens and they are fed a ration of 20lbs of feed per day. 6.4 ounces per Hen.*
         *We do consider our egg's "semi-organic" because the hens get a great deal of their diet from insects and plants off our herbicide/insecticide free pastures and the nutrition from these sources go into our delicious eggs!
 - They receive clean, fresh, non-chemical treated drinking water every day pumped from our 350 foot deep artesian well or harvested from our 550 gallon rain catchment system.
 - The eggs are laid in recycled nesting boxes on a bed of non-chemically treated hay and are collected every day. They are not washed but rather, if they need cleaning, given a light scrub with some sandpaper. This keeps the "bloom" seal intact so the eggs can be stored without refrigeration for up to a month.
 - We do keep one rooster with our hens for stimulation and protection. His name is Colonel and he is one happy lucky fellow! Does that mean the eggs are fertilized? Yes, they may be, but this makes no difference in the harvesting, cooking, and consumption of the eggs.


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